Dan & Meg

When I sat down with Dan and Meg in their eclectic, retro, punk rock, hippie apartment over by the loved Hertel Avenue to talk about their recent engagement I knew this was going to be one of the most epic engagement sessions photographed to date and I can only imagine what the wedding will ensue.

From Meg’s memory she probably was wearing make up, and had on a red body-con skirt having just come off work as a hostess. “The moment I walked through the doors I was waited on hand and foot.” Dan was working at Tabree as a chef and had invited Meg for dinner with one of her friends in June of 2012. As Dan recalls it he couldn’t imagine his life from that moment onward without the girl with the breathtaking red dress and matching lipstick.

“My wine glass was always full and I felt like a princess. Never had I been given so much attention to me.”

Fast forward 5 years and you can find Dan and Meg creating some sort of delicious concoction in the kitchen -like these red velvet waffles topped with cinnamon and sugar and enjoying it over an episode of something on Netflix. That is when Meg is not studying to be an RN and Dan is not working as a Chef.

Truth be told, when Dan and Meg detailed out their engagement to me- I couldn’t see it happening in an other quirky fashion then just the way it did and I ABSOLUTELY had to recreate it.

Meg was in the bathroom doing what us girls do in there- taking forever. Dan had plans to propose for some time and had it all mapped out. But as his nerves caught the best of him and he waited for Meg he had worked himself up enough courage -after a shot or two of whiskey- to storm into the bathroom and “nearly kill” himself after kicking open the bathroom door. He recalls gracefully falling to one knee while Meg recalls a diamond being shoved into her face and uncontrollable laugher.

I can’t wait to document their wedding, to watch their unwavering love grow, and celebrate with both of them as their dreams come true.